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Photo: Alabama State University's 70,000 sqft Life Sciences Building | Photo Courtesy of Goodwin | Mills | Cawood


At the ASU Institute for Advanced Health Technology (a 501c3 public charity) we devote our resources (Academic, Corporate, Government, and Private) to the responsible commercialization of scientific advances in Healthcare, Agricultural, and Environmental applications that can have real-world impact. Our goal is to work with partners to empower curiosity driven discovery and science education for the greater good.


The ASU Institute for Advanced Health Technology is dedicated to contributing to the health and wellness of our local, state and global community. The Institute provides the opportunity to bring together expertise in biological and computational science and enable progress in understanding how we address disease, create new therapies, and develop new techniques to address pressing agricultural and environmental challenges. Through our multidisciplinary approach we will leverage our resources, on behalf of stakeholders, and responsibly commercialize scientific advances for the benefit of the public.

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