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Gene Edit Off Target Analysis

and Design Software

Gene Edit Design Tool

The Four Click Design

Built upon BioEngine Technology. Design your gene edit target to ensure minimal off target interactions. KBioBox technology can design your edit in under a minute, providing the "Top Ten" target designs each with a comprehensive Off Target Analysis. A simple “4 click process”. Enter reference, gene edit location, search type and gene edit type and in under one minute receive easy to understand annotated reports with visualizations and whole genome off target analysis for each design.

The simplicity of modern gene editing technonology, in particular the CRISPR/Cas9 chemistry, has afforded advances in many areas of science and medicine. The cost of this simplicity is the challenge to determine strong binding targets with minimal or no off targets, a task that can prove challenging for any scientist.

Built upon BioEngine technology, KBioBox's Gene Edit Design tool handles the tedious aspects required to design a strong gene edit. For a desired edit, the Gene Edit Design tool considers all potential targets in a region and ranks then based on off target potential, returning the "top ten" best designs in under a minute. With each design is a full genome off target analysis, providing scientists diligence to make the best decision.



Location, search type, and gene edit type, then the Gene Edit Design application built on the BioEngine determines the "top ten" designs.


Powered by the BioEngine, the Gene Edit Design application compares potential targets in the region of interest to the entire genome in less then a minute to determine the best targets.



Easy to understand interactive reports, with intuative visualizations and a whole genome off target analysis for each design.

System Highlights


Fast Turnaround

The Gene Edit Design application quickly determines the "top ten" designs, included with each a full genome off target analysis.



Easily enhance existing work flows and protocols by integrating into existing infrastructure or through web access.



Any reference sequence or chemistry can be added to the system, along with additional design restrictions or requirements.



Customize reports and forms with additional project specific information, accelerating the decision process.

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