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Our Team

At the Institute for Advanced Health Technology (a 501c3 public charity), we believe that discovery and commercialization can only be achieved by dedicated professionals. Our team is comprised of highly dedicated faculty, subject-matter experts, talented researchers, skilled technicians, and experienced business people. We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach, fostering collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas across different fields. With a shared commitment to scientific excellence, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and making groundbreaking discoveries that have the potential to change the world.

Board of Directors

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Daniel York



Daniel York is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience as a Chairman and CEO of several public and private corporations. He has a diverse background, including in the late 80’s overseeing the development and construction of the first overseas boat plant for Sea Ray Boats in Cork, Ireland. In 1991 York and 2 partners started a steakhouse chain Logans which went public in 1996. It grew into a nationwide franchise of over 250 units that was eventually bought out by a private equity group. York then served on the Board of United Enterprise Fund where he oversaw the the buyout of the 19,000 unit public Blimpies Sub Chain. Over the past 15 years, York has focused on International Development, building strong relationships with global Fortune 500 companies. He is also the founder and managing partner of a private holdings firm that invests in highly regulated industries, such as bio-medical, healthcare, agriculture, consumer goods, blockchain, and hemp. York is an avid tennis player and currently serves on the USTA Board of Directors for Florida.

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Dr. Quinton Ross


President, ASU

Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., is the 15th President of Alabama State University, where he has implemented a vision of growth and innovation. He has successfully led initiatives to improve the university's fiscal stability, upgrade infrastructure, and achieve reaffirmation of accreditation through 2030. Dr. Ross's leadership has resulted in improvements in academics, enrollment, retention, fundraising, and partnerships. He has actively fostered relationships with various stakeholders and media to enhance the institution's visibility and brand. Dr. Ross has received regional and national recognition for his leadership, and he serves as an advocate for public education and diversity. He holds multiple degrees from Alabama State University and is involved in various civic and community organizations.


Dr. Audrey Napier


Dr. Audrey Napier is a proud graduate of Alabama State University (ASU) with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  She went on to obtain her PhD in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University (OSU).  After obtaining her PhD, her career path led her to do a postdoctoral fellow at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga in the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics.  Although she has served in numerous capacities at ASU, she currently serves as the Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Liberty Duke


Liberty Duke has worked in early education for 30 years, having excelled in building the nations largest network of school located vaccination clinics serving students throughout multiple states under the Health Hero banner.  With over a million students vaccinated for influenza, as well as other adolescent vaccinations in thousands of schools annually – this unique partnership with state public health departments and school districts has won national awards for community impact.  Her mass vaccination model was utilized during the Covid pandemic- as her network was tasked help implement testing and vaccinations across multiple states expanding beyond students to serve adults in various community settings such as long term care, assisted living facilities as well as colleges, airports, churches and other locations requested by state leadership or local health departments

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Dr. Kennedy Wekesa


Dr. Kennedy S. Wekesa is the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at Alabama State University, having previously served as the Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. He is also a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences. Dr. Wekesa has been actively involved in initiatives aimed at increasing minority participation in STEM, securing over $30 million in research and training support from various organizations. His research has been published in reputable journals and presented at prestigious universities, and he has served on numerous committees, including as an advisory committee member for the National Science Foundation. He holds degrees in Biology from Guilford College, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a Ph.D. in Zoology from North Carolina State University.

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Richard Atkinson


Richard is an experienced financial executive (Former Morgan Stanley Inc. Managing
Director) with 25 years’ experience in London, Tokyo, and New York. A Consultant with C-
Suite experience, an award-winning filmmaker, and a Marathon and Ultra Marathon runner.
BA (Hons) Textile Technology and Management. Leeds University. United Kingdom. Certified Private equity. Columbia Business School. Executive Education. US.


Dr. Gerald Dial


Dr. Gerald Dial represented District 13 that included Clay, Cleburne, Chambers, Cherokee,
Randolph, and Lee Counties – six counties in East Alabama for 4 decades.  He resides in
Lineville, Alabama, where he has been in the real estate development business for over 25
years.  He is a former teacher and coach at Lineville High School. Gerald Dial was
recently named President Pro-Tempore Emeritus for the Board of Trustees of Troy


Senator Dial was a member of the Alabama National Guard for over 36 years.  He served
in numerous capacities and retired in 1997 from the position of Assistant Adjutant

Board of Advisors

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Kryngle Daly, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, ASU,

KBioBox Founder, Chairman

Kristopher "Kryngle" Daly is a Ph.D. bio-physicist and skilled programmer who combines his expertise in physics, biology, and computer science to tackle complex problems and develop advanced solutions. His innovative thinking led to the creation of the KBioBox Bio-Informatic Suite, a cutting-edge platform specializing in high-speed genomic analysis. This suite utilizes proprietary algorithms and patented techniques to offer a wide range of bioinformatic solutions, including gene editing analysis, sequence assembly analysis, microbiome analysis, cancer treatment analysis, bio agriculture, plant design, soil biome analysis, and identification of shared genes and key protein differences. Kryngle earned his Ph.D. from Clark University, thesis on modeling of biological membranes' soft geometry, and holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Dr. Olufemi Ajayi

Director of Industrial Health and Specialty Crops Program, ASU 

Olufemi Ajayi is a PhD graduate in Entomology & Plant Pathology from Auburn University, and he currently serves as the director of the Industrial Hemp and Specialty Crops Program at Alabama State University. His research focuses on plant-insect interactions, developing integrated pest management strategies for specialty crops like industrial hemp, and exploring the pharmaceutical potential of chemical compounds in cannabis plants. Ajayi's work incorporates techniques from biological control, insect physiology, chemical ecology, and molecular biology. He has published his research in peer-reviewed journals, serves as a reviewer for entomology journals, and has received multiple awards from the Entomological Society of America.

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Dr. Tanjula Petty

Assistant Provost for Student Success and Special Initiatives, ASU

Dr. Tanjula Petty is an experienced administrator who leads policy development and inspires change through collaborative leadership and data driven decision-making.  She has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Law from Alabama State University, a MS in Public Administration, and a BS in Resource Management, both from Troy University. A Lean Six Sigma servant leader with extensive experience and proven record of collaborative and partnership efforts is most known for her transformative leadership skills, with a direct focus on moving the needle for student success in higher education.


Dr. Daniel Williams

Chair and Associate Professor of Biological Science, ASU

Dr. Daniel Williams received his doctoral degree in Microbiology from North Carolina State University in 2001.  He performed his postdoctoral research from 2001-2004 at Emory University where he investigated bacterial drug resistance.  In 2005, he returned to the Department of Biology of his Alma Mata, North Carolina Central University (NCCU) from where he had received a B.S. and M.S. degree. During his tenure at NCCU, he became an Associate Professor and Assistant Chair of the department while maintaining an actively NIH funded research laboratory. He recently became the Chair of Biological Sciences at Alabama State University.  


Mia Williams

Director of Continuing Education, ASU

Mia Oliver Williams has worked as an educator for more than 20 years. Mrs. Williams is currently employed as Director of Continuing Education at Alabama State University. She is also co-owner of Oliver2, LLC and Snapology of Auburn. Williams has previously served in roles that include teacher, instructor, assistant principal and principal in Alabama’s K-12 school districts and postsecondary institutions. She has earned degrees in the areas of health science, curriculum & instruction, educational leadership and instructional technology.  Mrs. Williams is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at The University of Alabama.

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