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Gene Edit Off Target Analysis

and Design Software

Extended GUIDE-Seq Analysis

Cleavage, repair, and translocation information

KBioBox Extended GUIDE-Seq analysis significantly enhances the standard procedure and identifies actual cleavage sites, correct and incorrect repairs, observed and potential translocations and the changes to peptide/protien sequences. 

Better GUIDE-Seq Analysis

KBioBox’s extended GUIDE-seq analysis is used to extend standard GUIDE-Seq analysis or any analogous gene edit pipeline. Obtain easier to read reports with additional analyses on nuclease fidelity and other off target activity. Our extended GUIDE-Seq analysis can be adapted to unique edits or situations outside of the standard GUIDE-Seq protocol such as other exogenous genomes and reservoirs.



Where did the nuclease cleave in intended and unintended targets, and how frequently. Ensure the accuracy of the nuclease and guide.



Did the DNA/RNA repair as intended or did undesired indels,SNPs, or translocations occur



Discover observed translocations, and the potential for other translocations and the resulting changes to peptide sequence.

Three Critical Checks

For any gene edit

Postcede every gene edit experience with KBioBox's extended GUIDE-Seq analysis to gain vital information to the exact results of the edit. Identify actual cleavage sites, correct and incorrect repairs, observed and potential translocations and the changes to peptide/protein sequences.

Report Highlights


Observed Off Targets

Identify, annotation and visualize all sites affected by the gene edit.



Correct and incorrect repair occurrences and frequency



Gain information on observed cleavage sites and their frequency.



Flag observed and potential translocations, and the effects to peptide sequences.

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